Our contracts are easy. Your commit obligation is just 12 months.

Send us an EMail or use the Contact form to request a Simple – Short – Fast – Easy sample contract.

The best time to lease is now. Lock in your price for multiple years and watch your competitors costs rise. A favorable contract for the lessee. Here is how and why…

TERM Advantage: Simple one (1) year term and if you prefer you can have an option to renew every year for upto 5 years. That’s IPv4 space you can depend on. If you don’t pay, we simply cancel the contract and immediately take back the IP space and you are under no obligation for the remaining years. Why? Because we can rent them to another business for more money.

Why is such a favorable term possible? 
In this shortage, we think the value of each IP address will exceed what you are paying by the end of the contract term. We can rent them out for more than your contracted pricing. So we are happy to let you out as the demand continues to grows for IPv4 space. As a group that founded a big fiber network. We can immediately re-announcing the IP space. This draws the packets any of your applications may have use to us where they are blackholed in many big Internet routers.

PRICE Advantage: In the event, the marketplace prices really jump, the Lessee’s pricing remains stable during the contracted term. The pricing does not jump or double each year with the marketplace demand. And we all know this kind of shortage is like real estate in Palo Alto, California. Just like real estate in Palo Alto one can not make more IPv4 address space.

The annual increase is a fair mutually agreed upon small incremental percentage each year. The 5 year option allows for the percentages to be fixed. This way the Lessee knows their costs and can accurately place the costs in spreadsheet projections for 5 years! So, if you act today, you may find by the end of the term that IPv4 space jumped to 5 times what you contracted for. Only time and the growth rate of the Internet will tell. And growth of the Internet is not slowing or we would not have offered you that favorable term to cancel on an annual bases.

Can you find cheaper priced IPv4 space?
We think so, but consider this. Our pricing is based on the fact that it is true Legacy IP addresses with a clean history of usage. They are not blocked as a result of past spammer usage. We don’t lease to spammers (it’s in our contract). These are not RIR distributed IP addresses. These are owned and are an asset of the company originally handed this IP space in the 1990s before RIRs existed. However, as good Netcitizens, as we update the North American RIR with the proper abuse contact data and reverse DNS hosts required. This way network operators around the planet can contact us with usage problems.

Usually, within two (2) business days of contract consummation and your payment cleared.

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