Cloud & Data Center IPv4 address space

Many cloud services require real IPv4 address space. Yep, BYOA (Bring Your Own Addresses)

Do you have a Microsoft , Amazon or other could service connectivity need ? 

BGP on the open Internet requires a minium of 256 IPv4 addresses in a Class C  to be routed. Cloud BGP and routing services can use small space for this purpose. 

RentIPv4 NOW has a wholesale rate for small space if you are in a Data Center and need to connect to a cloud service. 

The contract below will provide you a /29 or /28 or other subnet smaller than a /24

The payment is so small it’s paid annually and comes with the Letter Of Authorization (LOA) needed to immediately begin using them world wide in any Data Center. 

Data Center Cloud Connection Pricing;

/29   = $320 Paid Annually  (That’s about $30 per month or 12 cents per IP address per day)

/28  = $740 Paid Annually   

A /29 is 8 IP addresses,  A /28 is 16 IP addresses. If you need more larger subnets are available at this same rate per IP address.

The contact once filled out and sent in will usually be executed within 48 hours and the IP address space will be issued complete with an LOA to use immediately followed by a SWIP into ARIN database.

Simple 2 page Contract for small IP ranges for use in Data Centers.


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